Visual Yummies can provide photography for a variety of uses:
(Chef portraits, menus, website illustrations, brochures, videos/presentations, etc)
-Public Relations
(Press/newspaper articles, magazine articles, social media, etc)
(Banners/posters, billboards, website ad banners, newspaper/magazine ads, etc)
(Cookbooks, food packaging, etc)

Most projects can take place at a set location (restaurant kitchen, dining area, etc.) but any stand-alone products such as produce and ingredients can be photographed in my personal studio.

When images are edited, the main changes would be the lights, the darks, minor touch-ups and cropping. I believe that the food I shoot should be as authentic as possible to maintain the integrity of its true beauty!

Each gig will be different and that’s just part of the thrill! Pricing will be customized based on your photographic needs and the scope of your project.

Ready to show off your beautiful dishes and recipes? Email me and we can get started!